Considering Electric?  You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Check out our Electric Vehicle FAQ page.
Considering Electric? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Check out our Electric Vehicle FAQ page.
To lease or buy commercial vehicles is the question many companies ask themselves and we're here to help make the decision-making process easier.
With over 160 years of combined experience in fleet leasing, we consider ourselves partners in your business and will do what we can to save your company time and money. Our approach is simple: we listen. Taking the time to fully understand our clients' needs based on the type of business they operate, how the vehicles are being used, driving habits, and other lifestyle demands allows us to make the best recommendations for our clients' commercial leasing needs.

Why should you consider Leggat National Leasing?

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Our team of experts can help provide analysis and answer any questions you may have around the lease vs buy question. For most companies, leasing is the better solution given the ability to better manage cashflow. Leasing not only eliminates the significant cash outlay required upfront when purchasing your fleet, but there is also a benefit to having a fixed-cost structure which allows businesses to better manage payments.
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We've got a niche
While we serve all businesses big or small, we pride ourselves on our ability to service small- and medium-sized commercial clients. Our focus is primarily on Ontario-based companies but supplying vehicles to their businesses across Canada is no problem for us. Did we mention that we're kind of a big deal in the tow truck and landscape industries?
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Flexible options
With our breadth and depth of makes and models, we offer our clients choice - both new and used - from pickup trucks, cargo vans, tow trucks, trailers, and more. With our affordable leasing programs and end-of-lease options - buyouts, lease continuations, and vehicle remarketing – we offer the best flexibility to suit their needs.
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We're connected
We may not be the largest auto group (nor do we want to be) but we've got a massive network. We're well-connected in the North American marketplace enabling us to leverage multiple sales channels to provide more affordable options and maximized resale values on vehicles at end-of-lease.
Contact us today to discuss your commercial leasing needs. We're here to help.

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